Routing Reparto is a online route software developed by Nexus Geografics, a leading company in geographic software, public transportation, traffic and urban mobility, and Newronia, a company specialized in applying artificial intelligence to business decision making. From this partnership has arisen a very innovative product to improve transport routes, by applying geographic knowledge mixed with artificial intelligence techniques. Our priority is to offer efficient solutions to optimize resources, adapted to technological and economical environment.

Nexus Geografics was created in 1997 and has a team of 30 highly qualified specialists in geography, cartography and software engineering, focused to innovate in applying geographical information. The company has a technological background, sustained by an excellent mix of knowledge of technology and information, fundamentals fields for any geographic information system.

Newronia is a company specialized in solutions to optimize resources related to transportation and logistics. Their background allows them to provide Artificial Intelligence solutions to solve problems related to optimization restrictions (genetic algorithms, local search, simulated annealing, linear programming, etc..), and to decision making of suport systems.

Values ​​and objectives

We like to be at the forefront of geographical technology and contribute to improve the effectiveness of organizations. Furthermore, we identify with values ​​such as commitment, honesty and responsibility to achieve our customer satisfaction.

The aim is to simplify the complexity in the use of geo-referenced information and be the Geographic experts of reference for organizations that manage their mobile resources in the territory. One of our main concerns is to provide quality products and, at the same time,help to reduce the environmental impact.