"Routing Reparto allows us to manage our fleet and 70 daily routes more efficiently. It is very important for us to deliver all newspapers on time. Therefore, we needed a dynamic logistics system that allows us to become more effective in our organization and communication in real time. We have automated our route planning with our drivers and now we have real time tracking plus indicators and reports to evaluate each journey with objective data. We are very satisfied", Joan Solà, Gerente, El Periódico de Catalunya.

Located in Barcelona, El Periódico is an important newspaper in Spain, with an average of 115,000 daily sales. It belongs to Grupo Zeta, a media holding with magazines like Interviú or Cuore and sports newspapers like Sport.




"Our commitment with the environment demands a high-level of work in a minimum time, and that’s why Routing Reparto has meant a big change for our company. Route planning allows us to reach more customers while saving unnecessary costs in an easy way. This also means lower emissions of CO2, which is very important to us."
Alejandro J. Peter S. Coop manager Bioservice.

Bioservice is the leading manager of residues of empty cartridges in the País Vasco. Their containers (Eco boxes) are used for the collection, assessment and recycling of deposited residues. This is a Special Employment Centre established as a cooperative social initiative that integrates occupationally disabled people and collaborates with the environment.


Magnum S. A.

"The hallmark of Magnum is the quality of the products that we sell. As official distributors of internationally renowned brands such as Diageo and SC Johnson, our main motivation is to ensure excellence. Therefore, transportation to the clients is done with the same level of exigency that the quality of our products requires. And that is why Routing Reparto has become an essential tool for us, with it we can calculate and plan with perfect accuracy the deliveries, so that, in addition to save many unnecessary costs, the order arrives to its destination in the time and manner agreed", Pablo Ludueña Andersen - Logística en Magnum SA.

Magnum is an Argentine company recognized as official distributor of Diageo, the world leader in the segment of premium spirits, and SC Johnson, the world leader in manufacturing of home care products.


Blue Planet

"For the type of service that we offer in our company, Routing Reparto has fitted like glove. We offer our customers a wide variety of products, which must be delivered quickly and within the availability schedule indicated. Therefore, for us it is essential a logistics and an organization which are both efficient but also flexible to be able to adapt to the requirements of each moment. Routing Reparto has been a great improvement in this regard. It allows us to make calculations on customers allocations and optimize routes instantly, in addition to be able to offer real-time tracking tools, which allow us to have a much greater control of our business activity

Blue Planet is a company specialized in the supply of drinking water and coffee for companies and individuals. Its experience and knowledge has made it become a leading company known for the effectiveness and the quality of the solutions that they offer to their customers.